Wed, 15 October 2014

As an artist who employs almost exclusively low-tech techniques but is steeped personally and culturally in the world of technology, I am deeply invested in the dialogue between technology and art, and the symbiosis that can be found there. I am very pleased to be able to offer my first ever limited-edition batch of Oreo Cameo 3D prints! The pieces have been captured in minute detail by 3D laser scan (I worked with a fantastic small company in the Boston area called 3D Printsmith) and 3D printed in a combination of color sandstone and detailed plastic (then hand-assembled). Only 150 prints will be made of each Cameo, which comes with a stand and hand-numbered certificate. An even more limited edition (75) of cameos #14 and #3 are available in steel.

Oreo Cameo 3D Scan

As a sculptor trying to navigate the world of making a living from my art, one of the issues I run into is the challenge of scaling work for a wide range of budgets. Painters other 2D folk have long had the versatile option of offering prints—machine-captured and produced copies of original work—that allow for selling work more affordably without undercutting the value of the original pieces. Until very recently, this was not an option available to 3D artists. New technologies are changing this, offering opportunities for sculptors to expand into the world of prints. While the process certainly isn’t a perfect match for the myriad media sculptures can be made of (as someone who has worked with materials from bugs to cereal, I am acutely aware of this), it is exciting to explore the possibilities that are developing as our ability to reproduce 3-dimensional objects digitally improves at an amazing pace.