I like the idea of spending hours meticulously crafting something that most people think of as ruined. Often when something has "gone bad" it has given rise to something new, but it can be hard to appreciate new growth in the shadow of our disappointment. While it may not be the beginning we hoped for, it is a beginning nonetheless

The act of putting so much thought and labor into a thing implies value, prompting the viewer to explore past their initial response. Curiosity over how mimicry is constructed draws people closer to something they would normally flinch away from.

I think of the works in this series as vanitas/memento mori turned on its head.

  • thumbnail of Irrepressible (Tree Roots vs. Asphalt) (top down)
  • thumbnail of Eat Your Greens
  • thumbnail of Stuck on You
  • thumbnail of Lost and Found
  • thumbnail of Climbing the Walls (Lichen installation on brick wall)
  • thumbnail of If These Walls Could Talk (baseboard installation)
  • thumbnail of How Does Your Garden Grow? (Tobacco Hornworm on Defoliated Tomato Plant)
  • thumbnail of Silverfish Lace I
  • thumbnail of Kitchen Garden (Sprouted Potato I)
  • thumbnail of Microorganized II (Wheat Bread Slice with Mold) (on white)
  • thumbnail of Microorganized I (White Bread Slice With Mold) (on white)